Monday, 2 April 2012


Hello friends, 

Popping by to let you all know that we are going to be changing our Mail Pac mailing address shortly. The address that is currently listed on the blog page is no longer valid, though whatever you have sent there will be forwarded onto the new address. We do not currently have the new address on hand but as soon as it becomes available we will forward it onto all of you. Though we appreciate all of you buying and sending things to us, we would like to push you all donating in cash rather than kind because we have been in talks with a few bulk suppliers and we have been able to get some really, really great deals on a lot of the items on the list. Thank you all for helping all of us with our initiative. And we look forward to your help.

Friday, 23 March 2012

This past Wednesday night the team here were thrilled to celebrate our founder, Deika Morrison's, 40th birthday. Though Deika was celebrating her 40th, she dedicated the entire soiree to our organization declaring that guests should not bring gifts for her but instead bring required items that were listed as their gifts. The party was held at Bin 26 and was an affair to be remembered. Guests were decked out in their primary colours, (those who weren't had to pay a fine). Wine, conversation, and laughter flowed freely, as guests mingled around bistro tables topped with Gleaner newspaper pages made for the guests to colour in while enjoying the ambiance. The entire night was a rousing sucess and we wish Deika all the best during her 40th year.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


This past Saturday the BIAJ capped off their Book Week with the Kingston Book Fair held in Emancipation park in collaboration with Do Good Jamaica. The event served as a collection point for Crayon Count, and boy-howdy did we get donations. Donations came pouring in from large companies like Sandals, Digicel, Sangster's, smaller companies, schools, and individuals who brought left over crayons from home. In addition to all the donations that came in over the course of the day. We had tons of activities for the kids to enjoy. Starting in the morning with Sezi singing the alphabet while the kids coloured along on the Gleaner, and National sponsored Saturday Activity pages. The kids queued up to get their faces painted and get colourful balloon animals made. They decorated leaves that were attached to the Sandals tree of life.The Gleaner Jamaica sponsored a treasure hunt which got all the kids excited, running around and pumped up for a full day of activities. We had story times with several noted authors and individuals from the public and private sectors. The turnout of parents and kids  was more than we had anticipated and for that we were so amazed and thankful. We had donations from all sorts of persons the youngest person to donate was 6. The day was fun filled and from our side ran smoothly. Linking all the pictures here would be too much so here's the link to the facebook page where you can scroll through all the photos of the day.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We are FOUR days away from our joint event with the Book Association of Jamaica. We could not be more excited to have all these sponsors and activities for the kids to come out and enjoy. I know I'm looking forward to all the books that are going to be there. I know all the kids will be on the look out for the Sesame Street characters, the face painting, the crayon making, the robotics, the list of things is exhausting. This event will also be a drop off point for all our Crayons Count collections. As the excitement grows we hope your support does too. Come back here for pictures of the event. Check out twitter for lots of updates from the event and you all know that Facebook will be the place for all the follow-ups.

For all of you coming out on  Saturday, can't wait to see you and have you enjoy all that we have planned for you.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Crayons Count in the Paper

Over the past few weeks Crayons Count has been in the papers several times in news reports and also with our activity page for the Kids. Here's a few links to the articles and a link to the photos of the Kids enjoying the activies:

Crayons Count on the National Trailer:

Crayons Early Childhood:

Sangster's Book Stores partnership:


Thursday, 23 February 2012


You all have waited patiently and we now have it. For all of our supporters who live overseas in addition to donating through our BNS accounts you can now purchase items from our lists and have them mailed to MailPac's Florida Ocean Freight Warehouse addressed to "Crayons Count." The people at Mailpac have generously given us this place to use a a collecting point for all of your donations. The mailing address is: 21011 Johnson Street, Unit 129 Pembroke Pines Florida 33029. THANKS for helping with the initiative.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Other places to Find Crayons Count

Well you know about the blog, but did you know about the Facebook Page, or the Twitter account. I bet you didn't know about the actual website where you can track how much has been donated and how our completion looks. Well there is one, and here's how to access them.

Facebook: Like us and interact with all the goings on at Crayons Count.

Twitter: @crayonscount. Follow us for short bursts of Crayons News.

Website: Track our progress, and sees ways you can contribute.